It’s the time of year again where fall is finally among us. We all love fall, but sometimes the weather confuses us on how we should dress. Sometimes it’s hot, but then other times it can be cold. It can be difficult to find a balance in your day to day fashion choices. Luckily there is a trend to help you Fashionistas with this fickle weather and that’s high-waisted skirts.

This trend has stood the test of time. It is a classic staple in any Fashionista’s closest. There are many textures and patterns for this famous trend that continue to make this a must-have item. This skirt is also versatile and easy-to-wear. The possibilities are endless with a high-waisted skirt; you can go for a classic, punk and preppy look. It is also a great addition to anyone’s fall wardrobe that will transcend into other seasons.

So how does one wear this iconic trend? This Fashionista pairs her high-waisted skirt with a red sweatshirt. The red sweatshirt brings out the mustard color of the skirt and lets it stand out. The colors are also perfect for fall. The sweatshirt is a perfect companion to the high-waisted skirt, and works best if it is tucked in or if it’s a crop top. To complete the look, this Fashionista pairs up her outfit with knee-high boots which are the perfect balance to the many elements of this trend. To add an extra pop of detail, you can top of the look with accessories like a chain necklace or earrings.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always love skirts because they are a playful way to stay in style. High-waisted skirts work for my busy schedule because you can always dress them up or down.”