Even though it might still look like winter, spring is definitely here. Well, maybe some of you will have to wait a month or so to break out the dresses and short sleeved tops, but close enough! This spring, I’m predicting clear skies, sunshine and a pretty good chance of colorful kimonos all around campus!

When I think of kimonos as a fashion trend, it reminds me of the warm and carefree days when you’re dancing and laughing with your best friends at dusk, listening to your favorite band at a music festival. It’s the way that the fabric flows delicately, even with just a slight breeze, giving it a playful youthfulness and freshness that is unmistakably spring.

This lovely Fashionista is a perfect example of how you can incorporate this trend in a casual (but still very cute) way! By pairing her patterned kimono with a solid colored top and bottom, it’s almost begging everyone to notice it! Kimono cardigans come in a huge variety; you could go with a paisley patterned one that is similar to the one on this Fashionista, rock a sheer floral number in the celebration of spring or even bring out your inner indie boho with this tie-dye piece! There’s practically every kind of kimono imaginable for your personal style; that’s why it’s such an easy and popular trend!

Kimonos don’t always have to be paired with a simple top and skirt, as exemplified by this Fashionista; there’s an incredible amount of variety to this piece. Since the weather is still relatively chilly, you could accessorize a simple top and jeans with a playful kimono or even pair it with a cute dress and tights. At the end of the day, this trend is something that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe and be manipulated so that it’s expressive of your own unique style!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear basics and have one statement thing, whether it’s a kimono or a belt or whatever. Everyone should also own a basic skirt and crop top because they go with everything!”