In the Midwest, things cool down fairly fast after October. Surprisingly, the weather has been quite nice, and we have even hit the 60’s in Minnesota. We had snow everywhere this time last year, if that puts it into perspective. Even with average temperatures, it does get chilly, but that didn’t stop this Fashionista from wearing a fun romper!

This Fashionista mentioned how she missed the warm weather of South Carolina, and moving back home to the Midwest was more work when it came to fashion. Having to layer all the time can definitely be hard, but there are stylish ways to do it so that you’re able to keep wardrobe pieces from the summer.

Her tights were the key element in her look to ensure that she stayed warm during the frigid temperatures. Tights come in all sorts of colors and materials, so you are bound to find one that works out. Pair the look with some boots, and your outfit is ready for the fall. Taking rompers from the summer and layering them up with sweaters also helps keep you warm if you want to achieve this look. There are also long sleeve rompers available to help you layer less.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layering is fun, but sometimes you just want to wear a lighter outfit, so tights are always a personal go-to if I want to wear skirts, dresses, shorts or rompers to keep me warm as the weather cools down.”