April 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Now that spring has sprung and the sun is shining, Fashionistas all over college campuses are eager to break out their summer rompers. But what do you do when it’s too chilly to wear a short romper? Don’t worry Fashionistas, the solution is simple: jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are the newest craze and the perfect ensemble for a breezy spring day. They work to enhance one’s features by elongating the body and emphasizing a powerful leg. The variety of innovative and stylish designs that are available allow for jumpsuits that are appropriate for many different occasions.

This Fashionista has put together an outfit that is weather appropriate, trendy and free-spirited. The black jumpsuit that she is wearing works as the staple piece in the ensemble. The long pant that characterizes the jumpsuit acts as a lengthening factor to emphasize the Fashionista’s legs, while also providing the ideal amount of coverage for the cool spring weather. The simple nature of its tank top design is further embellished through the detailing that is found on the front chest pockets and the buttons that run down the center. These small hints of detail make the jumpsuit more feminine and interesting without taking away from its appealing simplicity.

This Fashionista then chose to further enhance her ensemble through the addition of pieces that characterize her fun-loving, bohemian style. In order to emphasize the jumpsuit’s flattering cinched waist, she added a warm-colored belt that has an attractive and chic pattern. The addition of this belt adds the perfect pop of color to the outfit and makes it more tailored to the spring season. The Fashionista’s sheer white kimono amplifies her bohemian style and works to positively contrast her black jumpsuit. This bohemian theme is exemplified again through the Fashionista’s sandals, which have an interesting studded design. The final detail that this Fashionista included is a colorful sunflower necklace that ultimately works as the perfect finishing touch to the look. One of the greatest aspects of jumpsuits includes the many different ways in which they can be accessorized in order to perfectly fit your own personal style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Embrace bohemian! The free-flowing nature of the bohemian style is both comfortable and stylish, creating a look that is easygoing and beautiful.”