Fashionistas, guess what? This is my first ever official spring article and I am beyond excited! Winter blues are fine by me, but now it’s really time to kick it.

What do we do now that we are in between weather changes—one day it’s snowing and the other it’s nearly 60 degrees and sunny. A peacoat in my opinion, should now be put away for next year. A peacoat should be worn prior to cold weather and during, not come spring regardless if it is a light layer. This is an opportunity to play around with the jackets that you rarely get the chance to wear.

Another underrated, but more common style is the cargo jacket. Rarely is this jacket seen worn in any other color other than army green, but that does not mean there are not more options. What about a bomber? Fitted, fun and laid back, the bomber jacket gives your look a sporty spice without taking away from your girly look. This floral bomber paired with a hat as seen on the Fashionista is the perfect combo for a casual day of class, shopping or lunch!

A common question is, “Can I do leather in the spring?” The answer is yes, but I would try to steer clear of black leather from this point on. There are many adorable alternatives to black—although I find it hard myself. I would set my sights on beige and light brown leathers, which surprisingly make you feel like it’s spring just by looking at them.

Most importantly, let us not forget the glorious, the one and only—the denim jacket. It may currently be too cool for any of these jackets. Therefore, for my favorite part of all—layers. Nothing strikes me more than a neutral-colored zip-up layered underneath a jacket, especially a jean one. It takes your look instantly from casual to fab. Make sure you untuck the hood and you are on your way! Too tight? Find a pre-layered jean jacket with a hood and sleeves. I personally favor layering myself and separately being it is not only warmer, but impossible to appear tacky.

The Fashionisto above knows how to rock a simple puffer over a classic outfit with jeans. This is why a light spring coat is important to have. It is especially important to have for cold morning classes and then it’s light enough to throw in your backpack when the day warms up.

While trying to pick the right jackets, I would aim to purchase at least two for alternating purposes. While choosing color, think of your wardrobe and what works with yours best. You can never go wrong with neutrals! For spring I would say my favorite colors are gray, white, olive green and a strong beige. Any of these neutrals will complement almost anything you got. Try to buy jackets lacking detail to contrast your colorful and designed clothing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A light puffer works with everything.”