Here’s an update on the weather in North Carolina: it’s barely fall.  We had a hurricane, and it was finally nice and chilly for a few days. I broke out some of my lighter jackets and sweaters, and I really thought it was going to stay cooler. Now, the temperatures are sitting around 70 degrees in the middle of the da,y and the sweaters are right back in the closet. For us girls, it’s an easy change to make. We throw on a sweater or jacket when it’s cooler, and take it off when it warms up later in the day.  But I think a lot of us forget about the guys out there! They don’t always layer scarves or jackets like we do, and their outfit planning really just revolves around the “pants or shorts?” question. What to wear on days like this really is a gray area.

This Fashionisto is showing his casual style in a monochromatic look that fits the weather perfectly. A breezy tee is great when the day warms up, but goes great with some stylish jeans for the cooler mornings and evenings. These sneakers are great dressed up or down with almost any outfit since black goes with just about anything. To keep going with the all-gray look, instead of regular denim, he chose these gray jeans that add a unique touch to almost any outfit.

I think that every guy should have at least one great watch. They add extra class to even the most casual outfits, and can upgrade any look. This watch is a dark gunmetal stainless steel that not only goes with almost everything, but keeps this look as monochromatic as it can be. I think that the darker, cooler colors help this outfit keep a fall vibe, even if the weather is trying to do otherwise. The style advice this week is that even in the weather’s gray areas, there’s always a great way to make it work for your personal style. By wearing colors that say “fall,” accessorizing well and embracing neutrals, you can make even a casual everyday outfit look unique and fun!