It is finally time to break out the outerwear of the fall season and the options are endless. Jackets are subject to ever-changing styles whether it’s the color, material or extra details altered from season to season. One trend, however, that has remained classic through the years is the trench coat.

In recent years there have been subtle additions to the classic trench such as leather sleeves or studded shoulders, but its the classic cut that has allowed this piece of outerwear to become iconic. Versatility and a unique taste is great but the great thing about the trench coat is that it has remained true to Burberry’s 1901 gabardine style trench coat. The minimal details of the trench allow for versatility and details within ones underlying outfit.

With that being said, I always wondered if there was one classic outfit to pair with the trench coat. I learned from this Fashionista that the answer is no. Her look is refreshing, new, and urban. This double-breasted, lightweight earth toned trench coat allows for mixing in accessories of the same hue without looking shabby. Her choice of combining a white henley shirt with ripped jeans gives the coat a neutral background to stand out in and gives this Fashionista an edited relaxed look, a win-win for anyone that values comfort. The contrast between the brown Chelsea boots and  light-wash cuffed jean leads the eye of any fashion lover from top to bottom effortlessly. All the elements this Fashionista chose to pair with her trench coat have appeal in their own way, yet don’t take away from the trench, an iconic outerwear trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Trench coats are really versatile, you can dress them up or dress them down. They always look best with a skinny legged pant whether its jeans, trousers or joggers.”