STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: In Love With Those Baby Blues

If you want a surefire way to spice up an outfit this summer, go for a pop of color. This is one of my absolute favorite fashion trends because it is easy—just take a basic outfit and incorporate a piece with color for a bold statement. The great thing about this fashion hack is that men and women alike can use it to elevate any look. This Fashionisto displays an impeccable example.

This Fashionisto’s outfit consists of a rather basic graphic T-shirt, some Sperry Top-Siders, a sporty brown watch and some RAD baby blue chino shorts. While the rest of his outfit might be considered simple, those shorts instantly amped up the look and gave it more of a fun vibe. He said he likes wearing comfortable beachwear clothes to stay cool during the hot Arizona summers.

Women can translate this fashion trend by implementing colorful accessories and shoes into their clothing. Or, if you want your makeup to do the talking, try experimenting with a teal eyeliner or shocking pink lipstick. This will instantly draw people’s attention to your face and make it appear as though you spent hours curating a look that really only took you 10 minutes to create. As a fellow procrastinator and Fashionista, I understand the morning routine struggles.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Well, for guys, I think we sometimes can get stuck wearing the same old T-shirt and shorts. My advice would be to invest in some items that you can throw in to add something more to your wardrobe.”