September 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

We’ve all grown up with denim as a constant in our wardrobes. Although most of us are used to wearing it in the form of jeans, it’s a universal material that is making its way into other forms of clothing this season. From vests, to dresses, to bags, denim is a versatile product that can transition into each season. Plus, it’s durable and will last you a long time without much wear!

This Fashionista is sporting a denim jacket. With the fall weather fluctuating, it’s easy to take the jacket off when it gets warmer during the day. She wears the jacket open to reveal a white tank with gold jewels lining the collar. The simplicity of the tank helps to not take away from the rest of the outfit. The ponte pants are a perfect pair with the tank top for a cute and comfy feel. Patterned scarves add a unique, personal touch to an outfit. This Fashionista chose a skull pattern to pull off a grunge look. The pop of red in the scarf brings the right amount of color to the outfit. The sunglasses rimmed in gold really pop. All these pieces fit together to stand out throughout campus on the way to class.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable! Keep your style specific to what you want to accomplish for the day. Think about your plans and what you have to do. Then, make sure that you’re able to do what you have planned in the clothes you’re wearing. You want to be stylish, yet practical.”