From Ellie Goulding to Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn to Khloe Kardashian and even baby North West, many of Hollywood’s fashionable females are currently sporting a major footwear fad. Timberlands are a unique play on the popular short boot trend with a rugged menswear twist. As with most of our favorite fashion trends, Timberlands are a look introduced by some of the most iconic celebrities, which is what turned these street style shoes into a widespread closet staple. In Hollywood, trendsetting is a natural force possessed by those who shine in the spotlight and also in the fashion world. Our infatuation with celebrity style can be attributed to the trickle-down theory, which explains that because of our desire to be like celebrities, they consequently have the power to choose the bold styles we love to adopt into our own wardrobes, such as Timberlands.

Occasionally celebrities introduce looks that are considered to be fashion faux pas, but Timberlands are an undeniably fabulous trend. Timberlands are a very functional shoe, especially for the college Fashionista. Not only are Timberlands comfortable, but they are durable, maintaining their quality during those long treks across campus. The simple design of Timberlands, along with their neutral color, gives them versatility; the menswear inspiration of their somewhat chunky shape makes Timberlands the perfect statement piece.

This Fashionista has fully embraced the look of Timberlands, which were an optimal choice to complement her classic jeans, simple black top and oversized black sweater. By keeping her color palette to a minimum, this Fashionista was able to highlight her Timberlands and ultimately capture a very on-trend look.

A white handbag, gold necklace and apricot-colored scarf were chic accessories that helped make this Fashionista’s ensemble stand out due to their reflection of fall hues. In addition, these accessories were feminine touches that balanced out the menswear look of her Timberlands.

What’s you STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Timberlands are a great way to give your cozy fall outfits an edgy vibe.”