April 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

This Fashionista can be found here in America or up north in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. She bring us earthy, but fashionable, trends from Canada on a daily basis. I most commonly take liking to her ability to pair her Birkenstock sandals with just about any outfit. The casual throw-on adds a bohemian, down-to-earth twist to any outfit; however, for this look, she opted for a cute pair of open toe, leather cross strap sandals

Here, she was spotted transitioning into spring. A beautiful, sunny day calls for some open toe sandals and lightweight layers. The statement piece of this outfit, for me, is the crochet knit top. Crochet tops are one of the biggest trends this season, highlighted in this Fashionista’s look. Most commonly seen at festivals and beaches, crochet tops have made their way to the streets. This Fashionista chose to layer her crochet top with this kimono shawl. The prints on this kimono keep with the earthy vibe and the colors complement the beige color of the knit top. Her black joggers keep her look cozy for class without sacrificing style. Also, note the Calvin Klein sports bra peeking through the knit. It takes a unique style, and person, to bring these trends together and strut them on campus. 

This look is easy to recreate, but definitely stands out here. Mentioned above, this look pays homage to the festival style of places like Bonnaroo and Coachella. These festivals are three to four day music and arts festivals, featuring various artists on rolling, open campgrounds. Some say these such festivals call for a fashion show in the desert. Boho Queens show up with outfits planned months in advance to show off the latest trends. Notably, Kendall Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens have been in the spotlight, killing the outfit game at Coachella. These looks transpire into outfits much like this Fashionista’s. She definitely beats to her own drum, and so does her style, which is why her style advice is so suiting.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If YOU like it, wear it.”