December 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter is coming fellow Fashionistas/os! Unless you are one of the few lucky ones to study in a nice warm state where it doesn’t snow, I’m sure you are starting to feel that familiar shift in temperature and subsequently, fashion. As a Canadian Guru I can tell you that the hardest thing to do in the cold weather is dressing warm while staying stylish. That’s why this month’s Fashionista is going to help us break down a snow bunny’s true best friend, the knit layer!

If you aren’t careful about selecting your layering pieces, a winter outfit can often end up looking bulky and sloppy, so let’s take a closer look at our Fashionista in question. Her outfit stood out to me because she perfectly embodied my favourite “I woke up like this” trend. This phenomenon as we all know was coined by none other than Queen Beyonce herself and has been appearing in magazines and fashion blogs since. It involves comfortable and loose pieces that are often layered. What enhances this look the most is layering items with patterns that may clash, but have a similar colour scheme.

This Fashionista uses a cozy knit striped sweater in juxtaposition with a floral kimono to create that casual and non-chalant matching effect. The best thing about the way she has used layers is that the warmth of her sweater allows her to wear a cute crop top! So don’t start packing away your best summer tops just yet because with layering we can still incorporate these pieces during the winter time.

Be like Queen Bey and rock your flawlessness! Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated or uncomfortable because you already have all the ingredients for this look in your closet. Combine your favourite warm sweater with a thinner and contrasting layering piece, such as a kimono or loose cardigan. Then all you have to do is pick your favourite top and bottoms and you are set to head out into the cold in style!