STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How to Give the Summer Heat the Cold Shoulder

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How to Give the Summer Heat the Cold Shoulder

Too often I hear my friends complain that they have nothing to wear during the summer months and long for the days when piling on layers of extra clothing can feign fashion. I love finding other vogue-obsessed individuals who know how to manipulate their wardrobes and reciprocate the latest styles while staying cool in weather-appropriate garments. The Fashionista I decided to photograph did just that.

Her unique, model-off-duty, slightly Parisian (I can definitely see her sporting the beret trend this fall…and totally pulling it off) style is one of which I wish I could pull off with such poise. Neither stuffy nor serious yet clearly deliberate and sophisticated, she experiments with contrasting trends but remains streamlined and classy.

As soon as I pull out the camera, my model insists she just “threw something on” because she had no idea what to wear. Personally, if I ever “throw something on,” it is either a comfortable dress or athletic wear. For most people I know, “throwing something on” equates to a baggy sorority t-shirt and Nike shorts. But, of course, the Fashionista looks utterly fabulous in retro chic Dr. Martens; gray and black socks; high-waisted boyfriend jeans; dramatic, stark white cat-eye sunglasses (Quay offers an equally fab pair in a marbled white); an off-the-shoulder top and plenty of accessories to pull the look together. Although understated, the top is what sets the tone for the outfit as a whole.

Flirty and feminine, the summer staple is not your average silhouette, nor is it what one would expect with loosely-fitted jeans and some pretty killer Mary Janes. The “cold shoulder” captures the essence of summertime style in its airy, breathable shape, but it is more versatile than most summer pieces. Unlike the traditional crop top or slinky tank, the off-the-shoulder top can be worn from the office or class to a casual picnic, date night or a bar downtown. The straps on this Fashionista’s top make the piece even more comfortable and wearable than most similar tops.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not let your look suffer just because of the heat.”