A definite and almost alarming chill is in the air here at Penn State University, and students all around campus are starting to bundle up and get cozy. Many students complain about the cold temperatures and windy days when walking to class, but for me, this crisp weather is just another reason to be fashionable while trying to stay warm on the inside.

The key to staying fashion forward during the winter months is layering, layering and more layering. That being said, one huge trend at Penn State University are vests paired with any long sleeved garment. Vests are absolutely great for when you want to keep warm but do not want to feel constrained or get too hot in a parka. They are perfect for when the weather starts to turn chilly, and they are fashionable too! When you want to look put together for class, simply wear a long sleeved shirt or flannel and add a vest to stay warm and look cute.

Vests have become a major fashion statement and staple for that matter, among celebrities and now college students. This Fashionista is wearing this outfit to class in an effort to look chic and keep warm at the same time. Her vest keeps her body warm, makes her look chic and goes great over her flannel. This Fashionista also topped off this look with her favorite scarf and her daily jewelry that both go with just about anything in her closet. Her vest, however, is the key to this outfit, as it makes her outfit look effortlessly put together but also makes her feel absolutely cozy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You need to keep warm at Penn State! This look is great because it keeps me warm and it’s cute. I love this outfit because it’s easy to put together, and it’s comfy too.”