All my life I have always been considered “short” in stature. Last time I went to see my doctor, I was told I was officially five feet two and three-quarters of an inch tall. At all of almost five feet three inches, I have recently been wondering what it would be like to be taller. Things like asking a stranger to reach something off the top shelf in the grocery store, having an obstructed view of the stage at a play or trailing behind when walking in a group would be a thing of the past. Fortunately, I am neither the first nor the last girl to face this issue. Even more fortunate, this issue has been solved thanks, to the invention of high heels.

This particular Fashionista is featuring an adorable pair of platform ankle boots. The shoes instantly take this look from class appropriate to a girl’s night out. Although the heels give this Fashionista about four inches in height, she claimed that the comfort level was about an eight (on a scale from one to 10). The wide heels make these shoes perfect for an inexperienced heel-wearer. Also, the black suede adds a great touch of detail that can be worn with both fancy and more casual looks. These shoes, and this look, are sure to be a head turner the next night you spend out on the town.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sometimes we are presented with the option to dress either comfortably or fashionably. You have your whole life to be comfortable, so when you’re young, pick fashion.”