It is really hard to find clothing that is suitable for every body type, but there is one piece of clothing that fits everyone perfectly no matter their shape of size—the harem pant.

These pants are called everything from harem pants to dressy jogging pants. This light, easy-to-wear style is everywhere, and it is the perfect statement piece for spring. It’s no wonder the trend is so popular. Slip into a pair and you may never want to take them off. They are that comfy, and that versatile.

If you pair them with the right outfit, you’ll find you can wear your harem pants running errands, to a business meeting, and off to meet friends for drinks. Because they’re loose-ish, and often have a drawstring, you’ll also be able to sit down and really enjoy a big meal.

This Fashionista is rocking a lovely pair of patterned Harem pants. She adjusted the pants to sit comfortably between waist and hips. They fit her perfectly – not too big and baggy, not too small and tight. The key is to feel comfortable without too much excess fabric. She went for a patterned style pant and paired it with a solid nude top. She was wise enough to wear the pant with a top that gives her some shape. Because the pants are loose, and she needed something more structured on top (tank, T-shirt, blouse or sweater). She finished off her look with a simple pair of heeled sandals.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ” Patterns! They are perfect if you want to make an outfit pop; the funkier, the better.”