With the passing of Thanksgiving, the holidays have officially stepped into town bringing with them the cold and crisp air of December. It’s time to warm up the fireplaces and cozy yourself up to a warmer wardrobe of cliché boots, scarves, oversized cardigans and everyone’s all time favorite classic: the ugly Christmas sweater. While all these items sum up winter’s necessities, the fun of winter fashion happens to come from the desire to escape the impending frost. Why have one piece of clothing to keep you warm when you can have multiple? After all, winter is a time for layering.

Take this Fashionisto above as inspiration. His preppy ensemble boasts warmth and style. He layers three pieces one on top of the other: a white, french cuff dress shirt, a horizontal striped sweater and a gray wool-knit cardigan. To further enhance his outfit, he cuffs his blouse over his cardigan to expose the polka-dot pattern beneath. For an added touch of edginess, he pulls the blouse down passed the sweater instead of tucking it in. Finally, he completes the outfit with navy pants and navy suedette chukka boots. Does he look warm? Yes! Does he look stylish? Yes. Who says style needs to be sacrificed for comfort?

The classics of a millennial winter, as noted in the beginning, include boots, oversized cardigans, ugly Christmas sweaters, etc. All these items can be layered with blouses and tank tops. For extra warmth, top it off with a furry scarf or cape as these items are “in” for this winter. For the ladies: pair your boots with dark stockings and knee-high socks! Layering doesn’t have to be limited to just the top half of a person’s body. Be risky and add some edge. Something that I’ve learned throughout the years of being a fun-sized individual is that if a dress happens to be too long, create the illusion of longer legs (and thus a shorter dress) by wearing knee-high boots with at least a one to two inch heel.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Mix and match things that you love, layer those things on, and most importantly, wear what makes you feel good both on the inside and on the out.”