We have all seen this symbol everywhere lately but maybe we didn’t know its name or understand its significant. The palm symbol, better known as a Hamsa, is connected with many religions and is believed to protect the wearer from the “evil eye” or from the envy of others. The Hamsa has taken on a new popularity in the fashion world and has recently become a major trend. Hamsa jewelry is now seen at almost every jewelry store and is a widely popular trend.

This Fashionista uses Hamsa accessories to take her casual yet cute weekend outfit to the next level. Starting off the outfit with complementary pieces, a deep red basic T-shirt and a floral patterned button up skater skirt she is comfortable and adorable. To keep with the simplicity of this outfit this Fashionista added classic black Converse for shoes. Finally, this Fashionista added a simple striped Vera Bradley bag to play on the black of her Converse, as well as the rest of the ensemble. By using these basic pieces, she allows all the attention to be focused in on the real eye catching aspect of the outfit, the Hamsa accessories. The Hamsa necklace immediately catches the eye because of its vibrant and iridescent color. Adding blue Hamsa bracelets mixed in with bronze bangles gives this outfit some serious arm candy. Finally, this Fashionista shows off her adorable manicure  by adding a handcrafted mixed metal Hamsa ring. For this Hamsa obsessed Fashionista, accessories really do make her fun summer outfit pop.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Personally for me everyday, jewelry is the most important aspect of what I wear. I love the Hamsa! It is an important symbol in my religion where I find both the meaning and the symbol itself. I cannot get enough.”