STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Guys Can Accessorize, Too

I love the shift from summer to fall, when the leaves begin to change color and the temperature begins to drop. It has that perfect balance of cold, crisp air without numbing your whole body. Fall also means it is time to bring out your accessories like boots, scarves, headbands and much more! While there are so many amazing accessories for girls to play with, we sometimes forget that accessories aren’t just for girls. In fact, guys can and should accessorize, too!

I spotted this Fashionisto walking across the yard, decked out in his smooth, velvet suit jacket, long beige pants and a pair of dashing gray shoes. However, what caught my eye was his ability to accessorize, from the plaid scarf to the striking blue watch. To finish off this dashing look, he proudly displays his college class pin.

He is able to pull off these accessories quite well while highlighting some of his own characteristics. For example, his watch portrays an image of professionalism while his scarf indicates a sense of style. My favorite part about this outfit is definitely the watch. A good watch can definitely say something about a man, whether it be his professionalism, punctuality or merely his sense of style. Whatever it means, his accessories definitely highlight the best parts of our Fashionisto’s outfit. With the simple use of a couple accessories, guys can dress up any of their outfits and bring their style up a notch.

How To: Wear any of your favorite outfits, and add a simple accessory or two to tie it all together! Just make sure your accessories don’t clash with your outfit.