April 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Look at every student that walks by and you’ll see who really stands out. There is a difference between looking like everyone else and being able to rock your own sense of style. This Fashionista caught my attention. She was wearing a choker necklace and a rad alien necklace. Not only were the accessories pretty cool, but also her jacket reminded me of the old ’80s.

This Fashionista got her choker necklace and her jacket from Ragstock (thrift store in Wicker Park, Chicago), her dress and her knee-high socks are from American Apparel and her alien necklace is from the Roswell UFO Museum. Effective and cute, she really knows the importance of putting your own personality into your attire while taking the weather into consideration.

This Fashionista’s outfit exemplifies a perfect transition from the colder 30 degree weather to the still chill, but definitely warmer, high 50 degree weather. Her outfit reminded me a lot of myself. I can usually pull together an outfit and make it look fabulous. This allows for me to not blend in with the rest of the students on campus. The knee-high socks were used to stay warm in the not so warm weather and also to give the outfit an edgier look. Her adidas were also a great addition. They contributed to the casual but fun look that she had going on. This outfit could be used on an everyday basis when you want to hang out or simply go to class.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to put an outfit together! Always believe in your ability to make yourself look cute.”