STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Good Finds At Value Village

More than once have I spotted distracted students in class browsing through hot fashion items on the internet. While our hearts flutter for that beautiful Chanel bag or that Louis Vuitton coat, the dreadful number beside the gorgeous photos of the product that always has way too many digits never fails to slap us out of our daydreams, and righteously so. As broke college students who cannot wait a second more to be financially independent, we can only drool and sigh at those iconic fashion pieces.

It’s easy to overlook one thing in the midst of name-brand debuts and runway shows, however. Fashion is not about how much money goes into each piece. It is not about proudly announcing which season of which designer you are rocking. It is not even about others giving you compliments and stealing your looks. It is about what you feel comfortable in. It is about knowing your personality and preferences and being able to upcycle items. It is about styling your own finds in the most creative way you think is possible.

As this Fashionista strolled down the stairs in quick steps, I immediately fell in love with her fabulous coat and her air of confidence. She wore such a bold pattern with all the delight in the world, and I couldn’t help but to approach her. After a little chasing (my short legs are good for some things, but definitely not this) and some preliminary introduction, I found out that she actually thrifted her coat at Value Village. What?! The baggy coat was oversized to just the right amount, and the midi length was accented by her ankle boots. Her leather tote was super minimalist, balancing out the loud pattern.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The coat is actually reversible, but the inside is a plain navy color, so I like this side better. You can totally find really good deals at Value Village, and thrifting is super fun!”