There is no doubt that spring is FINALLY upon us. With our winter clothes going back into their boxes and our UGGs being put away, it almost feels hard to remember what to wear for the spring again. This week’s trend focuses on the color green. Most people consider green clothing with St. Patrick’s Day, but little do they realize that it is actually a great spring color to have in your wardrobe.

This Fashionista sports a green jacket that match perfectly with her cool slip-on sneakers. The simple white shirt and ripped denim jeans really allow the green color to shine through. Additionally, she paired her outfit with the perfect pair of green reflector glasses. The combination of the green color palette is flawless throughout and truly makes for a cohesive spring outfit.

Green is perfect for the spring because it has many different shades that can be multi-seasonal. This Fashionista’s jacket can easily be worn in the fall with darker clothing. Green is the type of color that can be dressed up or dressed down. Yes, I may sound crazy right now but if you don’t have this color in your wardrobe already, go get it!

There are so many shades of green ranging from hunter to teal to tea green to avocado to tea green and etc. The options are endless and I can assure you that adding green to any outfit will add the perfect touch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Adding multiple levels of the same shade of green to an outfit, makes the look both cohesive and fun. It can [turn] a simple spring outfit into a unique and special one.”