Ever since coming to college, I have noticed that maxi skirts and dresses are staple items in many Fashionista’s wardrobes. Whether you are spending the day at the park, going to class, going out on the town or even running errands, they can be worn. Maxi skirts and dresses are very versatile parts of ensembles.

As the spring weather really begins to shine through the dreary skies, maxi skirts have been coming alive on campus. During this time of the year, maxi skirts are best matched with a cute, oversized sweater or a jean jacket. This Fashionista paired her simplistic maxi skirt with an oversized cocoon sweater, creating an ensemble with different textures. She was able to stay content in the windy weather of Western Pennsylvania but also look cute and feminine for a night out with the girls. As for summer months, maxi skirts can be seen with crop tops or any sheer, thin fabric top. Actually, a swing tank top would look absolutely adorable with a maxi skirt.

Now, what accessories a Fashionista pairs her skirt with can completely change the entire ensemble. This Fashionista chose to pair her maxi skirt with simple, suede flats. They,  along with her Coach cross-body bag help to keep the monochromatic look. Adding a statement necklace helped her look come from completely Coachella-inspired to feminine and elegant. If this Fashionista were to pair her maxi skirt with flip flops and a fringe tote, she would be giving off a totally different vibe than feminine and elegant. Her look would be categorized as more free-spirited.

Honestly, this Fashionista truly engulfs the versatility of the maxi skirt. She is able to stay cute and stylish during the warm spring days but also keep content when the winds start going and the temperature starts to go down. The maxi dress was the perfect option for her to go from a long day of classes to a night out with the girls.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort is key. I am all about being comfortable before looking cute. Maxi skirts help to balance out being cute and comfortable.”