Style is unique, but black is forever. I seek out Fashionistas like me who enjoy accessorizing with the color black. A quote that seems unsettling, but too good for this time of year is from our dearest Wednesday Addams: “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

We are at the point in the semester when we start to see the drastic drop in the temperatures and our style begins to reflect the new mood we are experiencing. Black is screaming to be worn every other day, or everyday, and our makeup becomes more of a hassle than an enjoyable hobby. We also start to see a side of stress we have never seen before and hitting those deadlines, making those meetings and with balancing work and school, it all seems to add up!

My inspirational Fashionista runs on a strict schedule. She builds her wardrobe on basics for her professional life because she cares about presenting her best self. As a woman that likes to keep her wardrobe as constant as her life, she has a closet filled with blouses, knit sweaters and professional jackets. Her favorite stores: Banana Republic and Express. With a closet full of staples and diverse pieces, she can pair them together create the ultimate girl boss outfit.

Her strict schedule demands the same from her wardrobe. As I spotted this Fashionista, I came to love how she can rock a plain, long sleeve olive blouse on her grind day. By adding a dark lip to her outfit, she effortlessly completed her look. Carrying a large black tote allows her to show she has places to be and that she is fiercely important. Overall, something to remember is that you can stick to your aesthetic, but be playful with a career-based wardrobe.

Jeans and long sleeves are a must when dressing for fall. This Fashionista is a Chicago native, so she is used to wearing heavier garments to protect her from the cold weather. If there is one piece that you need in your wardrobe for the upcoming winter, it is a long, well-structured coat with pockets. Black is always preferable, but if it is has a fun texture or pattern it makes a statement that will make your basics look their best.

My style advice for the week? Get yourself a giant tote bag to carry, an oversized fun textured coat, a dark shade of lipstick, a simple statement necklace and sunglasses that will never go out of style. Pairing all these together will show you are fierce and know exactly what you are doing in life (even when you don’t).