Everyone says fashion is an art form, but not everyone realizes the immense truth behind that statement. Art is all about drawing inspiration from a variety of sources to channel emotion and personality in a unique manner. Fashion is just another means of achieving that end goal of self-expression. Even the least likely of sources, like the fundamentals of mathematics, can help someone create a truly individual outfit.

In this case, this Fashionista uses a grid-patterned scarf to add interest to her look. The neutrals in the outfit are reminiscent of the straightforward nature of mathematics and the grid scarf acts as an homage to the graphing aspect of the subject.

Geometric elements in the form of structured silhouettes and angular patterns have been prominent in the trend cycle recently; surprisingly enough, there is much versatility to mathematical design despite its general lack of more fluid nuances. Its more formulaic nature actually serves as an advantage.

It allows this Fashionista’s look to stay fresh and elegant with the stark enough, but not too jarring, contrast of the scarf against the tan coat. Keeping things casual but chic, this week’s Fashionista opts for a classic pair of fitted denim. The booties with the open heels work well as nice finishing touches.

The next time creating a unique outfit seems impossible, look to unlikely sources of inspiration. Consider least favorite subjects and make good use of any frustrations for said subjects.For example, if a certain writing class grates on the nerves, opt for a graphic tank with interesting prose as the main standout piece. Or, if biology scrambles the brain, choose an accessory that takes on the form of an anatomical structure. Just remember to have fun with it all—that’s the ultimate goal.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Use layers to your advantage when transitioning from winter to spring! I think practicality is important when you’re on the go.”