So far this semester, there have been a variety of trends that have made an appearance on the quad. For example, ’70s-chic has made its comeback. But what about camouflage? A pattern that is not commonly seen in this season is increasing in its popularity.

There are so many “happening” trends right now in fashion, making it very hard to choose which one to follow. One trend that has Fashionistas and Fashionistos talking is coordinate sets. Matching head-to-toe, once labeled tacky, is now seen as stylish.

This Fashionisto is rocking a stylish matching camouflage set. This outfit is made up of a thermal cotton material, a perfect transitional fabric made for the Midwest’s unpredictable weather conditions. Camouflage joggers are definitely a trend that I expect to see a lot this season. This outfit is comfortable, yet fashionable.

He decided to pair his joggers with a pair of camouflage Nike Roshe sneakers. I love these shoes! They’re all over social media as the “IT” shoes. The sneakers were a good choice mainly because they keep the outfit casual and add a sporty spin to it.

As far as accessories, I think the silver chain was a nice touch. It adds a pinch of urban flare and personality to the outfit. Besides, a nice silver chain is a fashion must-have.

One thing that I think this Fashionisto did really well with was his coordination. It is important to not over-do or under-sell the outfit. I think if the shoes or hat were a different color or followed another pattern it would completely throw off the whole thing. Even though everything follows the same pattern, it is not harsh on the eyes, as matching sets tend to do. This look is perfect for running to class, or stepping out with friends.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dare to meet your match! Try double denim or maybe a matching jogger set. Be careful not to over-do it with the colors or distracting patterns like polka-dots.”