STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Furs Around the World

Philadelphia’s Center City is bustling full of Fashionistas and Fashionistos. Clothing boutiques and fashion favorite stores, such as H&M and Forever21, line one of Center City’s busiest streets. I was roaming the streets when I came across this daring Fashionisto. There is no denying that faux fur is a trend we all hope stays around for the next winter season. A fur coat is the perfect accessory for Philadelphia’s freezing temperatures, and this Fashionisto has nailed it!

While getting to know this Fashionisto, I learned that he is a singer, songwriter and recording artist based all around the world! He wore a black and white striped faux fur coat from Berlin paired with a black mesh cardigan. The duo was paired with a green front pocket T-shirt, which added color to this Fashionisto’s otherwise monochromatic ensemble. He wore a pair of black jeans that he bought in London and black biker boots to complete his look. This Fashionisto kept his jewelry minimal, opting to wear a pair of diamond stud earrings and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

I love how this Fashionisto chose to wear an oversized coat. It adds a lot of drama and character to his outfit. Keeping the rest of his ensemble simple was a great style choice that allowed his coat to be the focal point of his look. His fur coat was what initially caught my attention and inspired me to ask about his look. He is definitely a style inspiration for Fashionistas and Fashionistos around the globe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be brave. Be fearless. Think unconventionally and push the boundaries of social norms. Life’s a stage, so why not feel the fantasy?”