The weather is finally turning around, the sun is shining and you can finally break out all your cute summery outfits. Along with spring and summer come more colors and patterns. During the winter no one wants to rock their colorful attire and stick out like a sore thumb against the sad white snow, but now there are no worries of that.

High-waisted shorts are a trend that has been filling up teen’s closets for a couple years now. Mostly jean shorts, adding some color here and there, are great for summertime hangouts with friends. But recently they have developed the high-waisted shorts even further for more fun and comfort. The flowy high-waisted shorts this Fashionista is rocking are great for warm days when you want to look a little fancier than usual. The shorts are cinched around the waist and then flare out for some serious comfort. These shorts almost look like a skirt that way they can be very versatile. The best thing about these shorts is they also usually come in an array or patterns and colors so you can find some for any occasion.

This Fashionista is keeping it cute and simple for a day out with the girls. She pairs her flowy high-waisted shorts with a simple white halter crop to make the detail in the shorts stand out. Her shorts are navy so the color white was a better choice than black so the two didn’t blend together. She also pairs it with a simple strappy sandals and two chain white and gold necklace for a little detail. Anything too overpowering would take away from the shorts, which is the main style point that should be receiving all the compliments.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Color is key. Black is great and all but when the sun is shining you want to enhance your wardrobe and make your tan stand out.”