Everyone knows by now that boyfriend jeans are the latest craze but what about your boyfriend’s plaid flannel? Flannels can be a statement piece in any wardrobe whether you’re trying to keep it simple over your old high school athletic T-shirt or dressing it up with some accessories.

This flannel stands out because it is more masculine (and that’s because it is). The 90’s are definitely making a comeback and nothing screams the 90’s more than a plaid flannel—which is perfect for this Fashionista’s look. Taking (or asking) for one of your boyfriend’s flannels can easily give you the 90’s look and feel and the best part is that it’s free!

This Fashionista decided to do just that and dress up her boyfriend’s old flannel. She started off her 90’s look by putting a black cami underneath the flannel shirt, accompanied it with ripped skinny jeans and pulled it together with black combat boots. To finish off the outfit, this Fashionista decided to add a few feminine pieces like her sliver rings, monogrammed necklace and a beautiful baby blue nail polish. This Fashionista also decided to add a brown, fringed bag that popped with the green in the flannel which is perfect for a Fashionista on the go.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think flannels are comfortable and you can dress them up anyway you’d like and that’s what I was really going for. I took my boyfriend’s old shirt and dressed it up a bit to add my own style.”