STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Flourishing Fall Colors

So let me just start by saying that this Fashionista’s look brought me to life for more reasons than one… number one: I absolutely love color in all seasons and I get sad when people turn to all-black or neutrals for the end of fall and beginning of winter, and number two: this Fashionista was literally spot on with the Pantone color projections for this fall and winter. For those of you who may not be familiar, Pantone’s color guide is essentially a projection of what colors and color schemes will be popular in an upcoming season, and this fall’s colors were based off of a balance of earthy blues with a pop of unexpected vivacious colors.

One thing that I really value about my own personal style is my need to incorporate some type of color into almost all of my outfits. I don’t go over the top with obnoxious bright neon colors, but even adding a hint of red, or maybe even a blush pink, can change the dynamic of your look. While it may be tempting to break out all of your black clothing in the winter due to the unbearably cold weather and dull gray skies, maybe try switching just one element for something other than a neutral color. This Fashionista does just that and she looks absolutely fabulous. By choosing to keep most of her outfit neutral, this Fashionista was able to pair those colors with a soft dusty cedar-colored skirt, which is one of the vivacious colors that Pantone picked for this fall. If she were to have chosen a black or gray skirt instead, her outfit could’ve felt kind of dark and even mundane, so adding this pop of color truly brought this outfit to life.

Another thing that I totally love about this Fashionista’s look is the way that she layered and mixed her colors, right down to her nail polish. When it starts getting cold, I know it’s easy to fall victim to throwing on all of your most mismatched but warmest clothing and heading out for the day. This Fashionista, however, tied her outermost layer into the colors on her skirt and the cream turtleneck sweater underneath was a perfectly neutral focal point. Of course we all know that it wouldn’t truly be fall if we weren’t breaking out the booties! These simple, black chunky-heeled boots keep the focus of this Fashionista’s outfit towards the center of her body which causes her to stand out among a crowd of black and gray.

So my final advice here for you is to try and spice up your look this winter with just a little color—if that’s not something you typically try, even the slightest hint of fun-colored accessories can really do the trick!