If the weather could stay warm all year, I would be in heaven. Unfortunately, the days turn cold in Harrisonburg, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your style. There are so many winter trends, but floppy winter hats are one of my favorites of the season.

In the summer months, you can often spot me on the beach by looking for the girl in the huge, floppy hat. So, naturally, when winter hats started showing up in stores this season, I was ecstatic. I look terrible in beanies and head scarves, but a winter version of my favorite summer accessory? I fell in love instantly. I started trying them on in every store and was thrilled when Santa left me my very own hat under the Christmas tree this year.

This Fashionista rocks her black winter hat, and I couldn’t help but admire the way she tied it into her look. The black goes with anything, like this Fashionista’s jean shirt and black jeans. She threw on her fuzzy vest, which is also another winter favorite of mine, and she’s ready for class or a night downtown with her friends.

You could also wear the hat with a dress and tights for a dressier look. I love putting mine on with a dark flannel, turning a more masculine piece of clothing into something a little more feminine.

While I think outfits can sometimes match too much, this Fashionista rocks the neutral colors. The black jeans and dark booties match the hat, and she added a little color with rings and a subtle lipstick. With sparkles on her fingers and the shine with her layered necklace, the look was complete without overpowering her hat.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This outfit looks like I put a lot into it, but it’s just a few items I love that happen to go together. Plus, the whole thing is really comfortable, and that’s key to my style.”