Lately, my window shopping trips to the mall have been awash in memories of the mid-oughties. The flared pants and bohemian style that was popular when we were leaving primary has returned to shelves, albeit with a few changes. School’s winding down (or for the lucky, already finished) and it’s time to stock your wardrobe full of summer’s new favorites. Kendall Jenner stands as this generation’s style icon, an inspiration for our Fashionista and girls everywhere who want to rock that effortless festival look everyday.

This Fashionista has embraced the summer trends in full force with her combination of lace and busy prints in rich colors like burgundy. Her high-waisted, flared pants are made of a knit material that keeps everything comfortable, especially when traversing the Texas music scene this season. While burgundy and dark navy are new additions to the summer color palette and might be a little intimidating for the girls out there used to brighter, bolder shades in their hot weather clothing, don’t be scared to try it out. Pair a darker item with a lighter one, like this Fashionista did with her white, lace crop top, practically a style essential this year.

The great thing about festival style is that you can go as heavy or light as you want on accessories. The busy prints and variety of textures will make up for staying simple, but these outfits aren’t adverse to a little layering. This Fashionista opted for simple, with a cute hat, simple fringe cross-body purse (perfect for hauling around keys, phone, and camera), and beaded, leather sandals.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “If you’re nervous about an outfit you’ve picked out for a festival because it’s not your usual style, try it out around town. Treat it like a dress up day and head out to your favorite spots in the city so you can gauge people’s reactions and get a little more comfortable before the big weekend!”