Mens fashion is a difficult task to tackle. It consists mostly of simple pieces with little detail. However, that is the beauty of the outfits you can out together in mens fashion. The outfits turn out clean, minimalist and classic. There is no denying that the James Dean white T-shirt and denim combo is an icon in fashion. One way to pump up the already established look is by layering. My favorite thing in menswear is seeing well-known pieces complement each other. A flannel over the James Dean look works every time.

I was wandering around the grounds of a music festival in the middle of Michigan when I encountered a perfect example of what I am talking about. This Fashionisto combined the basic pieces but brought in designer names to play with the simplicity of the look. Music festivals are places where people gather to listen and enjoy the music for hours on end and the clothing must be something suited for all day purposes. His look is a perfect example of what to sport in a music festival because layering is ideal for outdoor weather conditions. The plain white T-shirt can be obtained from nearly any clothing store but that does not mean it is not fashionable. He paired it with some gray wash pants, amazing textured boots and finally the infamous flannel. That is the way to channel your inner ’90s vibes. This is an overall simple look but it really works in mens fashion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I pick my clothes and just wear them. I don’t know.”