After witnessing the leaves change from green to every hue of orange, red and yellow imaginable, the sudden realization that fall had come was greeted with sheer excitement. Living in Florida for the past 19 years, I had never seen trees embellished with anything but bright, green leaves, experienced sunsets before six o’ clock at night or felt wind that was cold enough to pierce my heart, so it’s safe to say that all of this “fall business” was new to me.

There were other aspects of fall I eagerly anticipated besides the weather. Mornings filled with spiced beverages, the countdown to the ABC 25 days till Christmas movie marathon and the best part of all, the season of flannel.

A flannel is one of those staple pieces that no college students’ wardrobe is complete without. Contentedly snug in a flannel, every collegiate Fashionista is class ready and fashionable. It can be dressed up with fun accessories, such as some sleek jeans and booties, or simply tied around your waist to add some grunge inspired ’90s edge to an ensemble.

Meandering around the Urbana-Champaign campus, this Fashionista was hard to miss while strutting her stuff in an outfit that screamed, “fall is here!” A navy flannel with dark pumpkin orange and hunter green colors in the design are a perfect example of all of the infamous pigments of fall.

A gray cropped tank and some distressed denim accentuate this Fashionista’s figure perfectly, while also amplifying the subtle color in the flannel. Some ankle-cut boots add vibrancy and flare to this outfit. The cherry red lipstick and aqua knitted socks this Fashionista chose to accessorize with can brighten up any dreary fall afternoon.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Style is dynamic and I believe that there’s no such thing as having one particular personal style. People change on a daily basis and our style can too. Whether I am running to class in leggings and an oversized flannel or I throw on my flare jeans and a boho-inspired top, our style reflects us and our mood. It’s okay for that reflection to change. It’d be so boring if we wore the same clothing every day, and our lives and style should never be boring!”