STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fixation vs. Exploration

I love this Fashionisto’s approach to fashion. For him it’s all about an ever changing collage. His love of fashion started when he was young, as most of us. Instead of simply drawing the models he saw on the runway, he would challenge his older sister to drawing contests, and I have a feeling he always won. This Fashionisto pulls his inspiration from Kanye West, GQ, Pinterest and even Tumblr. His fashion is constantly changing to reflect his emotions. “All of my pieces are pieces of a collage. Fashion is another way of self-expression. What is fashionable is not always ‘high fashion.’ Practicing fashion is making choices on what to wear and those articles make up an overall sense of self.” When I asked him what the name of his collage would be the title he gave me blew me out of the water, “Always Under Construction.” I love it. It’s so true! Not just in style/fashion but also in life. I had to know how he shops. For me, if I don’t love something as soon as I see it then I don’t need it. Zubair and I kind of share that quality but for him it’s a little different. He shops with a vision — sees something somewhere and replicates it after adding his own twist. His twist on layer is practically perfect.

When I spotted him, it was definitely the sunglasses that drew me in. The Zara coat was layered perfectly with such a warm scarf by Your Neighbors. Zubair even had a kurta (a traditional South Asian upper garment) underneath a sweater he found at a local thrift shop here in Chicago. Zubair had thought the whole outfit out. Even his watch and boots matched everything. All parts of the outfit could easily be removed or restyled giving him endless options for the bitter cold, all with a man bun to complete.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “To not fixate on any one thing or style, to explore — throw on, test out whatever you feel is right, if it’s you then it’s good.”