STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: First Dates and Coffee Shops

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: First Dates and Coffee Shops

First dates can be an exciting, yet extremely nerve-wracking event! You worry if they are going to like you, and more importantly if you are going to like them. Will you have a good time? Will they be funniest, smartest, most interesting person you’ve ever met in your life? Or will it be awkward and now you’re stuck staring at each other until your friend comes in to save you with the fake emergency phone call (classic). All of these pre-date worries do not need your outfit to be added into the mix!

This Fashionista’s got your back with her fail-safe, go-to casual first date outfit. In specific, this outfit was chosen for a coffee date. Coffee dates are easy, comfortable and casual. The shops usually provide a multitude of comfy, safe-distance seating. These days, coffee joints have amazing aesthetics of neutral tones and often a homey feel.

So your outfit should match this air of ease and neutrality. This Fashionista went for structured pieces made of soft fabrics. The gray wool coat is meant for mild winters, allowing it to double as a cozy cardigan. It holds its shape, but is not stiff so you can easily snuggle up with your cappuccino and discuss your favorite indie films or what Gigi Hadid wore yesterday, wherever the conversation ends up.

The mid-rise jeggings won’t squeeze and constrict the whole time so you won’t have to fuss. Adding a simple halter-style mock neck top is on trend and sophisticated. This Fashionista looks put together but not too structured which will help keep the mood stress-free. Throw an updated bowler hat on top, put on your favorite flat booties—no need for heels and accidental stumbles today—and you are good to go!

This is a super cute, simple and flattering look. Free of any uncomfortable or odd fitting pieces, distracting frills and dangly accessories, this look will keep both of you focused and comfortable.