What is that? Did you say you are ready for summer? School may be coming to a close, final exams may slowly be creeping up on us and it may be warm wherever you live, but here in England, it is still cold. So much so that we have been experiencing snow and hail and it is almost May. Needless to say, I don’t think anyone here will be pulling out their shorts anytime soon. So with another semester of late night studying, a multitude of hours spent in the library and the past few months spent learning chapters worth of information, I have just one more lesson for you. Don’t worry, it’s an easy one.

I know you may have a few more exams ahead and they may be the only thing separating you from sleeping in and lounging by the pool; so my last lesson is on style advice for finals. We all know final exams mean confining yourself to the library, so like this Fashionista, I recommend aiming for a relaxed outfit that will bring you comfort while you study the day away. Throw on a flexible pair of jeans that allows you to stretch and do jumping jacks when you take study breaks, a pair of comfy boots that are easy to slip on, a jeweled necklace for a personal touch and a very cozy blanket-like sweater that will keep you warm and snug. Whether you are studying for finals or taking a final exam, it is important to be comfortable. Wearing an outfit that is itchy or constantly forces you to make adjustments will be your focus during finals and that is a senseless place for your mind to be. Libraries and testing centers can be cold places, (literally) so I recommend layers.

This Fashionista knows the importance of keeping focused, relaxed, yet still fashion-forward during exam time. Throwing on a soft and chic cardigan allows you to be cozy and keep you focused. Remember to do your best and remain calm, you have worked hard this semester, so go ace those exams. Good Luck!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wearing layers will give you the flexibility to bundle up if you find yourself getting cold in the library, but also allows you to take a layer off if you find yourself too warm. If anything, you can take off your sweater and use if as a pillow if you need to take a nap break!”