When we get to this time of year where we are shifting from fall to winter weather it is essential to have layers to keep you warm. One of my favorite things as the temperature drops is fur-layering pieces. Fur is perfect because any way you choose to wear it, as it can instantly add glamour to your look. A beautiful coat screams luxury while a smaller accessory simply puts a hint of luxury into an outfit.

So, how do you incorporate this fur trend into your look? Balance is key with a very sleek and polished outfit. Try adding a dramatic fur coat or vest to finish up the ensemble. If you want to be extra luxurious choose a bold color for the ultimate statement piece. On the other hand if you feel your look has enough going on find a simple fur scarf or other fur accessory. One embellishment that is super cute and popular right now are fur pom-poms for your purse. Find one that matches your style and you will have a little touch of style everywhere you go.

I usually drift toward faux fur vests and jackets but this Fashionista caught my eye with her fluffy fur scarf. I love that she keeps her look relatively simple and neutral which allows the fur scarf to pop and become the focus of the look. The white skinny jeans are perfect for a classy cold weather look. She also chose to embrace a couple tones of gray with her vest and purse. To finish off the look she pairs a dark chocolate boot to break up the light neutral palette of the look.

One of my favorite parts of this look is the mixture of textures. The fluffy fur scarf and the distressed suede bag compliment each other in all the right ways. As for accessories she kept them fairly simple but still noticeable enough to add to the look. The gold finish goes perfectly with the light neutrals of the rest of her outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I see my style as a boho-preppy-Drake in hotline bling type of style. I believe that just like sharing music fashion is for everyone. I wear Timberland boots because my dad inspires me, a polo shirt because of my mom and furry vest because they’re the perfect touch of glam. There’s no reason to limit yourself when it comes to fashion, it’s for everyone!”