November 17th, 2015 at 2:10am

For many, it can be challenging to take a current trend and put your own spin on it. This Fashionista excels at taking trends and making them her own. What makes this ensemble so fashion-forward is her unique take on some fall fundamentals. By incorporating current trends, this outfit is a modern twist on a classic autumnal look.

A popular current trend is the A-line button-down skirt. These skirts are incredibly versatile and can easily transition from a day to night piece by adding some tights, booties and a nice blouse. Suede skirts are making a comeback this season and are an ideal way to stay fashionable and warm. This Fashionista’s suede, scalloped hem skirt has all the elements of a great skirt and stands out from the rest because of its unique details. Paired with a loose or tight top, this chic skirt is a great addition to any Fashionista’s wardrobe.

Flannels, a fall and winter apparel staple, can be dressed up or down in various ways. Most wear their flannels with jeans or tied at the waist, however this Fashionista changes up the standard by pairing a loose fit, plaid flannel with her dark suede skirt. The loosely tucked in shirt complements the A-Line shape of the skirt. The unlikely combination is striking and gives the outfit a preppy flair.

To complete her look, she ties the outfit together with suede over-the-knee boots. The suede on suede is a subtle accent that brings the outfit full circle and makes it perfect for the cold weather. Over-the-knee boots can be challenging to style, however this Fashionista succeeds at looking effortlessly stylish in them. This style of boots is a nice alternative to the usual leather riding boots and give the outfit a more elegant finish.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Incorporating different styles into one outfit is a great way to make the look your own.”