STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Falling all the Basics

October 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Ahhh finally, the majestic season of fall has finally arrived. All you Fashionistas know what that means: layers upon layers. Grab your chunkiest sweaters, darkest lipsticks, highest riding boots and a large pumpkin spice latte to start it off right.

I know, I know fall weather is tough, especially since its a transitional season where the mornings are frigid, afternoons are scorching hot and nights require a heater! This is why layers are our best friends. Layering not only creates a deep dimension to the outfit but also, as the day grows hotter, you can remove it and have another wonderful outfit with little to no effort. Due to the different textures, layering adds so much comfort. For you Fashionistas who have morning classes, I’m sure you understand the importance of comfort.

Rocking a black chiffon long sleeve shirt, thin black modern-fit chinos, gray chunky cardigan and matching oxford shoes, this Fashionista dressed to impress. With this versatile outfit, the possibilities are endless. You can go out in town on a girl’s movie night, a cute Starbucks date, your college’s football game against their biggest rivals and so much more. This outfit is so simple that the sky is truly the limit! 

Don’t fear the basics! With our millennial generation, less is more. By toning down your clothes and adding one statement piece such as this Fashionista’s chunky cardigan, you are creating a soft yet bold outfit. If you choose the right pieces, your outfit should speak for itself. With this striking look, the legendary Alexander Wang and his 2015 fall collection would be put to shame. As the days grow darker, the red leaves at its richest and the golds at its brightest, definitely try to accent these colors. Cherish nature at its finest pigmentation by adding accessories that compliment it. It doesn’t have to be anything glamorous. With glimmers of golds and rose golds through her bangles and leafy-pendant, this Fashionista made a simple connection with her surroundings. I know, this can be tough. As said earlier, think of your campus’s leaves. Try a mahogany beret, or maybe even that chunky olive green infinity scarf you’ve been eyeing at Forever 21 for the past month. To be the best Fashionista you can be, considering those intricate color details are very vital to an ensemble.

To steal this Fashionista’s look, I definitely recommend this gorgeous cardigan from Forever 21’s fall outerwear collection that won’t disappoint. Also, adding brown riding boots to this outfit will not only keep you warm, but it also adds the increasingly popular polished, equestrian feel to your ensemble that is perfect for our 2015 fall season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never hesitate to be creative and look your best, but it doesn’t hurt to be comfortable and wear some yoga pants!”