It is definitely safe to say that fall is in full swing. The leaves have already changed colors and can be seen covering the campus grounds. Thankfully, mother nature has given us a few more days of warmth before we have to officially get our thick knits and jackets out. This hip Fashionisto exemplifies the perfect outfit for this mid transition.

Jumpers are definitely the key to a fall outfit. Layering your outfit with a jumper provides more flexibility as to what jacket you choose to wear, especially with the moody weather. This Fashionisto is definitely working the black color palette in his look. He styles a black jumper with a turtleneck underneath. The jumper provides a great safety layer because if it gets too hot, you always have the option to take it off and still wear your light jacket. His slim, rolled up, tweed pants and black, worn out boots really bring the look together. Although most of outfit is dark in color, it still stands out because of the variation in textures.

What I love most about this specific look is not only the simplicity of it but also how effortless it looks. It is stylish, cozy and comfortable, all in one. These are three aspects that I definitely always look for in an outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For fall, my staple is definitely the turtleneck. On the one hand, it can dress up any outfit with a bit of classic formality and layering. On the other, it keeps your neck warm during those cold winter days, which is quite practical in such a chilly city.”