April 20th, 2015 at 2:10am

Watch any fashion show and you will clearly see that cutting edge style is all about testing the boundaries between practical and imaginative clothing. However, unlike models and celebrities, college students typically don’t have resources to experiment with every single trend or hours to prepare their hair and outfit every morning. With these setbacks, it’s all too easy to slip into a routine, but breaking out of it is easier than you think! Believe it or not, the answer can be found in your history textbook.

The fashion community might have a penchant for always looking forward to the next best trend; designers and trendsetters constantly look to the past for inspiration, recycling trends from different eras. This might have you thinking of things like leggings from the ‘80s or ‘60s hippie fashion, but it can go farther back than that. Valentino frequently uses fairy tales and centuries past for inspiration, such as in the spring 2015 couture collection.

If you’re looking to channel this fashion period, good places to shop are creative online stores such as ModCloth or Etsy. As this Fashionista demonstrates, this style can be attained without looking costumey by incorporating it through one or two small components instead of an entire outfit. You can start with an accessory such as a hat, a flowing blouse or an embroidered dress.

This Fashionista translates this historical influence into an outfit that’s fashion-forward yet wearable for class. She coordinates a brown vest, pants and boots for a head to toe monochromatic look. The interesting parts of this outfit lie in the details, such as the coordinating pearl necklace and earrings and the chiffon bow on the front of her shirt. The focal point of the attire lies in an interesting spot: the back of her vest. The whimsical pattern is vintage, creative and definitely makes the vest a standout piece. Overall, the outfit is a whimsical homage to the past.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love going through books full of period fashion and historical costume so when I can, I try to incorporate a bit of the old world style into my contemporary outfits. I love experimenting with fabrics, whether they are billowy sleeves or a silk print of a Victorian hunting scene. I draw a lot of confidence from looking a little out of the ordinary.”