April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

We have sprung into a new seasonal pattern with warmer weather and longer, brighter days. With the spring semester of college slipping into its final months, college festivals, beach trips and studying in the quad are the new norm.

Many are using nature’s inspiration and incorporating floral patterns with warm colors and textures into their look. This Fashionista sure knows how to dress the part for spring, pairing together key elements that make her outfit pop. From floral and geometric patterns to pleasant colors, delicate textures and a smile full of happiness, her look makes me want to dance around and capture the sun’s warm embrace. The intricate details on her adorable lace shall provide a springtime softness that I love. With its scalloped edging and embroidered flower design, you cannot help but feel inspired.

This Fashionista’s accessories also keep her look cute and functional. Her sheer black tights and black suede booties provide comfort and chic style, while her pearl-themed jewelry matches the soft tone perfectly.

What makes floral patterns oh so fun? Their vibrant design provides a vast variety of options with peppy color palettes and textured styles, while their printed patterns look effortlessly good on all structures and silhouettes. Whether you like dresses, skirts, tops or shoes, make sure to purchase this pretty pattern and to brighten up your closet this spring.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to add bright colors and fun prints to your outfit. I wear a lot of black but recently have been trying to change it up with bright and happy pieces to go along with the changing season.”