I have always loved the way horseback riders dress. From the jodhpurs to the long blazers to the chic hats, you could say I am a bit obsessed with this polished style—and I don’t even ride horses. Just because you don’t ride horses doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it. Equestrian dressing is always a classy and sophisticated option that is appropriate for almost any occasion. I found a Fashionista who mastered the equestrian vibe with her head to toe neutral look.

This Fashionista successfully mixed many timeless pieces, starting with a blazer and ending with some ankle booties. The blazer, with its brown herringbone fabric, is an undeniably androgynous classic.

The Fashionista then paired her blazer with some skinny khaki pants. The pants were the perfect counterpart, as the blazer’s relaxed fit skimmed the Fashionista’s hips, while the pants showed off her long, lean legs.

Finally, to top off her look, the Fashionista added a pair of suede ankle booties. Their cognac color and western-inspired style made the Fashionista’s look casual enough for class, not to mention appropriate for the chilly weather.

Perhaps the most clever aspect of the Fashionista’s look was that it contained coordinating shades of tan. From the dark and light brown in the blazer to the khaki pants to the cognac boots, this look had it all. The Fashionista admitted that dressing monochromatically is her signature look.

With a textured blazer, some fitted pants and some ankle booties, you too can achieve this effortlessly polished, equestrian look. Just be sure to choose a coordinating color palette.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I try to dress in all of the same shade as much as I can.”