Something I loved about celebrities of the ‘90s was that they weren’t afraid of a little edge. Showing off your tomboy side with a little bit of flair is never, ever a bad thing. The girls of TLC and pop star Aaliyah showed that they could be the epitome of beauty while rocking clothes that were unconventional for women. So when I see a girl embodying that tough, tenacious side of her personality and reflecting it through her clothing, I applaud her. This Fashionista isn’t afraid to stray away from femininity and try something a little different.

I respect this Fashionista for being bold enough to mix many different prints and graphic elements into one look. Her gray faux jersey top with gold numbers adds nice embellishment without being too flashy. On top, she has a leather jacket with quilted detail and a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans. It’s the accessories that really add vivacity to this look. She’s sporting a pair of leopard print loafers, a statement beanie and a leather school bag with red and snake skin print detailing.

The key to sporting a tomboy-inspired look without being mistaken for your brother is to have the perfect mix of looser fitting and figure flattering pieces. Put together a pair of loose fitting joggers, a ribbed crop top and a pair of white trainers for a sporty-cool vibe. Or, go for the oversized basketball jersey and a pair of leather shorts for a summer-friendly party look.

What’s the fun in being prim and proper all the time? Every once and a while bring out your wild side and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Leather and black clothing items are my go-to pieces when I’m feeling tough.”