STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Elegantly Embroidered

The little black dress is the most quintessential piece of staple clothing that a girl can own. The versatility of this piece is so astounding; it can be paired with anything and still look amazing. While a plain black dress is what comes to mind when I say “little black dress,” this Fashionista goes above and beyond by putting her own twist on this stereotype by opting for a dress covered in small, embroidered flowers.

This Fashionista pairs her short, black dress with basic black tights to give her outfit a streamlined look. To break away from an entirely monochromatic look, she adds a beige cardigan to help keep warm against the chilly fall weather.

Generally, flowers are associated with springtime, but since they are embroidered on a dark color, the dress works extremely well for autumn. The chiffon material is light and airy giving off a dainty vibe, so, in order to contrast this, the Fashionista finishes off her outfit with a pair of chunky black boots. Her heeled boots give this Fashionista’s outfit the perfect amount of grunge as well as that ‘90s edge.

To complete her look, she wears little makeup with subtle lipstick to give her lips a pop of color. Finally, she keeps her hair natural to give off a relaxed feel to the whole outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style is definitely vintage-inspired, modeled mostly off the trends of the ‘90s. Lately a lot of stores have been coming out with vintage-style pieces, but my favorite articles of clothing I’ve found are still the ones I have to work to find in thrift stores.”