STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Earning Your Stripes

What do you picture when you think of European style? Do you picture the eternally becoming lederhosen of the Germans? The fur-lined hats of the Russians? The iconic Breton stripes of the French? Or perhaps what comes to mind is that exquisitely handsome undercut that Beckam and France’s entire World Cup team pull off so flawlessly (Ladies, Google Olivier Giroud right now. You’re welcome).

Whatever you associate with the Europeans’ way of dress, we Americans can certainly learn a thing or two from their ways. This week, we’re taking a look at a particular trend that’s grown wildly popular among the Danish. Integrating striped articles of clothing into your wardrobe instantly renders your closet collection insanely chic.

Having just spent his last semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, today’s Fashionisto took a distinct liking to a few Danish trends. In particular, he recalls that the Danes were utterly gaga over a certain style of shirt called nørgaard paa strøget. These shirts are known and loved for their longevity as a garment and ability to mold into a comfortable fit for any body type. With that kind of quality, the oft-cited “rule” that horizontal stripes are unflattering no longer applies here. Though this Fashionista’s shirt is reminiscent to the sophisticated French Breton stripe, they are available in solid colors, too.

Anchor your outfit by including other pieces in the same color as your stripes. In this case, a basic infinity scarf (snugs on snugs), black jeans and suede shoes get the job done. Denim, as always, reliably goes with everything, tying the entire look together. Finally, opt for a trusty versatile jacket like this one.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Own it! This trend may be unique to Denmark, but don’t hesitate to step out wearing it anyway and rock it all day.”