I think everybody can say ‘Stripes, been there, done that….what was I thinking?’ I definitely did! I don’t think that I’ve owned any article of clothing that has had stripes since middle school when half the shirts I owned had stripes on them. Straight across, up and down, thick, thin, you name it, my shirts had them. After asking myself what on Earth was I thinking, I thought to myself I wouldn’t wear stripes again, well, because I thought they were basic.

After seeing this Fashionista’s outfit, I took back everything that I had ever said and thought about stripes! The way that this Fashionista styled her outfit was perfect. Her blouse is what caught my attention initially but as I looked at the details of her outfit, it made me love it even more. The animal print on her leggings and her boots made her outfit that much more aesthetically pleasing since they both meshed well together.

As much as the details of this outfit were compelling, my attention was drawn back to her blouse. This Fashionista’s outfit made me realize that as simple and “basic” as stripes may be, they are perfect for pairing with other prints or colors. Stripes can be the staple piece to making your outfit chic and trendy!

So go ahead, fill your closets with all things stripes as I once did, because this will be a major trend for the fall!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Taking something simple and styling it with the right accessories that will complement each other will make your outfit stand out.”