Finals week is right around the corner, and while spending full days at the library can seem appealing to get all that studying done in a timely fashion, sweatpants and baggy sweatshirts are not. Getting good grades on those finals is an absolute must but with this kind of beautiful weather, focusing can be really rough. This Fashionista knows exactly how to dress for success for the best possible results on those daunting finals.

Going from chilly classrooms to beautiful weather outside can be a tricky task, but this Fashionista combats it perfectly. She pairs a thin, sheer button-up with a high-rise, mid-length skirt. Not only is this the perfect way to feel cozy in the classroom and spring-like outside, but it is the perfect combination of business and fun. The tucked in button-up provides the business look and the fit and flare skirt offers the fun portion of the look. However, when it comes to patterns and colors, the essential looks of this outfit can switch roles. The bright pink button-up is fun and the black and white striped skirt is more of a business piece. I love how this outfit offers business and fun at the same time. This Fashionista didn’t stop there. She accented her outfit with gold jewelry that perfectly matched the gold bows on her flats for a complete business casual look.

When looking to ace those finals, look for an outfit that offers business and fun. The saying, “Dress for Success” truly comes into play during finals week. When you feel more confident in yourself and the way you look, you tend to be more confident in your studies and the things that you know. So next time you are getting ready for a final or a day at the library, resist the urge to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts and dress for success.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”