We all own denim. Whether it may be in the form of a shirt, skirt or pair of jeans it’s safe to say most of us have a closet full of the infamously comfortable fabric. But the question is, do you utilize different types of denim pieces or are you only rocking your favorite pair of light wash skinnies? Assuming it’s the latter, do you think you’re ready to graduate into the world of endless denim possibilities?

When thinking about denim, most Fashionistas/os gravitate towards thinking about a pair of jeans. While I am all for a staple pair of jeans ruling my wardrobe, we must look outside the box. Start thinking about the vintage denim jacket your mom passed down to you, or the classic denim button-up that you have had for years.

How do you style that, you ask? Denim has a reputation around the block of being a comfy “casual Friday” look. And I am here to say that I fully embrace that kind of feel in an outfit. But instead of the classic jean and T-shirt combo, why not switch it up while still maintaining comfort in your clothes. This Fashionista’s look is just one trendy way to spice up the denim in your life. A simple denim button-down allows for her to bring some style to the outfit with a comfy, staple piece. The black legging like pants ensure comfort without her having to wear jeans. Some may argue legging-esque pants are even better than jeans. This is all pretty simple so far, so the Zara metallic heels are a must to liven the outfit up. Throw on your favorite pair of shades like this Fashionista did and you complete this classic look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always want to make sure that I am trendy yet comfortable with my look. I think denim shirts are a cute way to show some style while still feeling great in what you’re wearing, which is always the best way to be confident in an outfit.”